HYPERLIGHT TRIBUTویکبرد هایپرلایت تریبوت

HYPERLIGHT TRIBUTویکبرد هایپرلایت تریبوت
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The Tribute is a shape designed for the true freeride experience. Built off of a 2.55" continuous rocker, it carries awesome speed into the wake and all the pop you need. The Hyperlite Tribute Wakeboard is definitely a shape and a ride that Hyperlite has never offered before. Stand out on the water for your unique board along with your enormous muscles and unreal arsenal of tricks.

Product Details


Greg Nelson Design – One of wakeboardings’s greatest innovators

Monocoque Construction – fuses the bottom and top layers together creating a more resilient board.

Layered Glass – Over time woven glass fibers will separate; a deck with layered glass will have the same snap after 5 seasons as it did the first.

Top Contours for Maximum Weight Reduction

Biolite Core

UV Clear finish

Satin Flex – responds more accurately to the pressures applied by female riders.

Rocker Type

Continuous Rocker – produces great pop off the wake while allowing the board to maintain a quick feel.


Variable Edge Design – Rolls from soft between your feet to a sharp cupped rail tip and tail.


Small Molded-in Fin – Just enough fin to feel and know they're working but nothing to delay release off the wake.

Additional Features

Versatile for all rider types


  • Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced

  • Rocker Type: Continuous

  • Base Type: Standard Base

  • Fins: Two 0.7" A-Wing

  • Core Construction: Biolite Core

Size (cm) 132 137 142
Rocker Size (in) 2.46 2.55 2.64
Waist Width (in) 16.5 16.75 17
Rider Weight (lbs) Up to 140 120-180 160 +




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