HO FREEMAX بایندینگ اچ ا فری ماکس حرفه ای اسکی آب

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HO FREEMAX بایندینگ اچ ا فری ماکس حرفه ای اسکی آب
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Direct Connect Mounting System

The Direct Connect mounting system positions the boot mounting hardware directly beneath your foot’s natural balance and mobility centers: the heel and ball of the foot. Direct Connect eliminates the traditional mounting plate, greatly reducing boot weight, boot drag, and the boot’s impact on ski flex. The result is a natural 1:1 skier-to-ski moment-of-inertia never experienced before on the water. Direct Connect allows the entire MAX Ski Boot Collection to redefine what can be expected from a water ski binding.


Binding Features

  • Direct Connect System

  • TruFit Last: For amazing out-of-the-box fit, with no hot spots

  • Marshmallow Foam: For the softest, most comfortable fit imaginable

  • Power Bungee Laces: Rubber boot feel with unmatched support

  • Power Hook Closure: Improved upper cuff closure for enhanced performance

  • Power Lace Management: Simple, aft mounted lace post eliminates loose laces





  • Men's 4 - 8 : Women's 5 - 9

  • Men's 7 - 11 : Women's 8 - 12

  • Men's 10 - 15 : Women's 11 - 16





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